AI Facial Attendance and Thermal Scanner

Suitable for Company, Restaurant, Gated Communities, Station & Airport eGates

Bepunct is one solution centre focusing on developing High Quality Attendance solution with great user experience. Cloud-based and mobile apps make it easy for management to adopt the current business workflow, equipped with an intelligent temperature scanner using contactless infrared thermometer.


QR Code Identification, Check In/Out, AI Infrared Face Recognition Thermometer, Staff Daily Status, Attendance Summary

A self help temperature scanner using contactless infrared thermometer. With built in artificial intelligence it can record the temperature and sync it to cloud and making an alarm for any abnormal body temperature.

  • 8 inches screen, full view angle, IPS LCD Screen
  • Resolution 1280 x 800
  • Dual Camera with Infrared Camera
  • CPU : 4 cores, 1.8 GHz
  • Memory : 2GB RAM, 8GB ROM
  • Filling Light : LED filling light
  • Support wired, wireless (2.4Ghz Wi-fi)
  • Support detecting and tracking 5 people at the same time
  • 99.99% one to many face recognition
  • Support stranger detection
  • Installation method: turnstile, wall mounted, desktop, floor type
  • Temperature measurement accuracy < 0.3 C
  • Weight:1.85kg (device only)


  • Automatic temperature measurement
    Contactless temperature measurement to reduce the risk of virus transmission
  • Intelligent Attendance Sign In
    Automatic Attendance Sign-In with body temperature recorded using face recognition
  • Cloud Management
    Report and attendance feature management can be managed from cloud.
  • Mask identification
    Check whether to wear masks to enhance safety precautions
  • Intelligent Broadcast
    Warning of abnormal body temperature + remind to wear a mask
  • Face recognition
    10,000 database capacity, binocular in vivo detection.
  • Real-time testing
    Non contact, fast temperature measurement, 1:N face recognition.
  • Monitoring of key populations
    Access Management ( stranger warning and blacklisted entry)
  • Monitoring of data management
    After discovering the high temperature data, send to management for further action.

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