Punctuality meets Simplicity

Your company isn't a pile of papers in a cabinet. It's a dynamic mix of people,projects, and business.
Bepunct manages attendance, employee data,leaves, reports and claims, that your entire team will enjoy using. That means less paper, less wasted time, and happier people

How does bepunct works?

Employee management made easier. While traditional HR softwares are static, offline and disconnected,When there is any changes in your employees’ status—new address or new contact—Bepunct automatically makes the change in your systems. Focusing on your company, your business, your success.


AI Facial Attendance and Thermal Scanner

Suitable for Company, Restaurant, Gated Communities, Station & Airport eGates

Bepunct is one solution centre focusing on developing High Quality Attendance solution with great user experience. Cloud-based and mobile apps make it easy for management to adopt the current business workflow, equipped with an intelligent temperature scanner using contactless infrared thermometer.



Notifies your colleague and management of the staff attendance, so you will never waste time tracking them down.

Staff Daily Status

Know who’s working at one glance, create efficiency and save time. Management can know the whereabout of their colleague.

Staff Directory

Centrelize and secure record of employee data via the back office.

Leave Management

Apply and manage the leave in a few clicks. Management can identify and notify the staff leave information.

Booking Management

Simplified the booking process for company car and meeting rooms to everyone in need.


Apply and manage the claim in a few clicks. Notifies the management the staff claims status.

Reporting & Summary

In one finger tips to get the staff summary information such as attendance, claims, leave and booking.


Bepunct can be customised to your company brand. It will make the modern and trending first impression.



Focus on growing
your business

Save time by shifting your HRMS processes from manual to digital. Use time saved to focus on growing your business.

Eliminate errors with
accurate reporting

Real-time recording of data and information results in accurate and precise reports.

Staff information at your

Centralize data makes it easy for you to manage staff information and data with a click of a button.

Easy to use

Cloud-based and mobile apps make it easy for you to adopt with your current business workflow.

Automate employee request

Your employee can request time-off, remote work, medical leave, emergency leave through the mobile app. Centralizing the request makes approvals easiera and efficient.

Attendance on the go

Have employees working remotely? They can record their attendance using our iOS/Android app so you will have ease of mind.


Trusted by these amazing compaines

Trusted by these amazing compaines

This app is a life saver and makes it so much easier to monitor staff attendance throughout the year

-Dilla, Terato Tech Sdn Bhd

Get rid of that old time stamp clock thingie, and get bepunct online on your company, now!

-Hafiq, Terato Tech Sdn Bhd

I like how easy it is to retrieve attendance leave reports and that it is all in real time.

-Khalida, Silentmode Sdn Bhd

Trusted by these amazing companies

Get your free demo now!

Get your free demo now!

Free demo today! Bepunct is the central hub at the heart of your HR world.
All your people data is one place that's simple and beautiful to use. Employees even do most of the data entry themselves.